Operator of virtual phone numbers

Operator of virtual phone numbers

At FijoVirtual we connect people and connect companies through the communications services that we put at your disposal.

Our high technical and human training allows us to make the most advanced communication options available to you, and we do it by offering modular services that are fully adaptable to your current needs, such as providing integrated solutions, all-in-one solutions that allow you to develop sustainable communication strategies and sustained in the long term regardless of the conventional fixed telephony operators that you use regularly


We have the best team of experts to always offer the best advice and the best communications network to offer you communications (voice ip, virtual fax, virtual switchboards, etc.) of quality, reliable, accessible, safe and without cuts.

Based on fixed free telephony we deploy a wide range of services that are at your disposal. We are an inter-operable operator and acting globally. One of our most basic services is the registration of a fixed telephone number of the world's location (from the list of all the countries and specific places that we operate) in which you can receive in any other telephone number all the calls that you receive to that number offered by us.

Our state-of-the-art technology and our extensive territorial deployment allow you to enjoy telephone detours without inconveniences and a wide coverage of local numbers at a global territorial level.

Beyond offering quality fixed telephony with a virtual telephone number we can offer you to divert fixed to mobile and a whole set of virtual office services that allow you to focus on the essentials of your business and to be free of the management of communications of your business.

Complete virtual switchboards (IP voice center, PBX switchboard, etc.) which, as mentioned, are part of our catalog, combined with the possibility of not only having international telephone prefixes and receiving calls anywhere in the world without that the calling person perceives the difference -not in cost or quality of service-, but to have, for example, free tariff numbers or, on the contrary, special tariff numbers, opens up a range of possibilities and exponential growth for your business.

As indicated, everything we offer is also available to all types of individuals (not companies) that can benefit from a free telephone number, cheap telephone services and much more.

Contract your landline number now.

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