Virtual mobile number

What is a virtual mobile number?

It is a conventional mobile phone like that of your traditional mobile company with the same type of numbering that you can give them (randomly) but at a more affordable monthly price and with many additional functions that you do not have with your mobile company. As for example the telephone exchange (telephone) and you need them in a traditional way, you must buy a physical telephone exchange with the high costs involved.

Our Virtual Fixed system does not require any type of installation, fixed telephones, machines or additional mobiles. You do not even need to have internet, wifi or data connection. In addition, you have the advantage that you do not have permanence, you can unsubscribe when you want and without cost, you do not need to buy other things, the others you have on your real mobile (or divert to another traditional fixed one if you want) You can not move the country because you can hire for example, in Chile, you can hire a virtual device, you can click on the Internet and you can use it.


Virtual mobile number versus normal mobile number

From the point of view of the flame that is exactly the same number of ordinary mobile, the same cost (if it has one) and the same quality of communication. Traditionally, having a mobile card requires a card that can be used. That ended with the service of virtual mobile numbers of FijoVirtual and other services we offer there is no lack of availability of a SIM, in terms of costs we have a monthly maintenance cost of virtual mobile line.

Having a second line of mobile is still necessary for many people and for the vast majority of companies, which can be used for different purposes for a personal social enterprise, the calls of this mobile phone are received on the same mobile phone and are not he has to walk with several teams on top of. You can hire as many virtual mobile numbers as you want in FijoVirtual, all calls have been received by the mobile-to-mobile-to-mobile service and offer from a single location ( a mobile or any other) receives all calls centrally.

As mentioned, the need to have one or several mobile lines persists and persists, but it is not necessary to have to support the infrastructure offered by traditional telephony operators. A new world in the field of telecommunications opens the way and FijoVirtual is a clear reference in this regard.

Need for a virtual mobile number

Have a virtual mobile number in which receiving all calls can be useful, for example, in those cases in which we reside in a specific country and want to have a number from another country But we do not have any fixed address, nor do we want to install it in the address we have, etc. In addition, if you want to have several virtual mobile numbers (one, for example, per country if we are a company to be able to provide local service to all customers) with FijoVirtual can also be done.

Another of the great advantages of the virtual mobile number in general is that they offer a high flexibility, they can be registered, you can unsubscribe and multiple combinations fall. If you can add it to FijoVirtual, you can use services such as the virtual switchboard or the virtual fax, among many others, we find a wide range of telecommunications services at our disposal and without having to pay anything fixed for them.

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