Frequent questions (FAQ)

What is FijoVirtual?

FijoVirtual or virtual number is a phone number of your traditional company with the same type of numbering that you can give them but with many advantages: affordable monthly price, you attend it on your mobile or cell phone so you do not need to buy a phone home device and optionally it allows you to add additional functions of telephone PBX that your traditional phone company can not offer you and that if you need them traditionally you should buy a phone exchange with the high costs that this implies.

What do I have to pay?

You pay a monthly fee for the Virtual number and we make the call fowarding to the number you indicate whether it is landline or mobile (cellular phone), every minute you speak, the caller will pay what you always pay for a local call and you pay per minute according to this table

Can I pay a fixed all-inclusive?

You have two flat rate plans in which we include the maintenance and calls and you forget that if you have a balance or not. Only for reception of calls in Spain.

You have two flat rate plans (only spain) in which we include the maintenance and calls and you forget that if you have a balance or not. Only for reception of calls in Spain. Other country please contact us.

If they do not call me, do I have to pay something?

If they do not call you, you only pay the monthly rate for the FijoVirtual, you will not pay anything more than that.

Is there a cost for the service?

No, for the territorial landline there is no setup cost or a stay, you can unsubscribe at any time and just stop paying is automatically deshabled and removed after one month. The minimum to stay is one month.

Are there call setup costs?

No, you pay for what you speak only.

Do I need any additional equipment or install software to use a Virtual number?

NO, you do not need any of that, just a home phone or mobile phone to receive the calls made to you, you do not need internet on your mobile phone and you do not need to have a smartphone.

Can I choose my number?

You can choose only the prefix of the city that corresponds but not the rest of numbering. You can not choose it in the traditional phone company either.

Does the service have caller ID?

Yes, just as they call you from mobile to mobile or from home to mobile, you see the number that calls you and decide if you attend or not.

How can I top up my virtual phone?

You can do it from this link. Top up.

Can you unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you cancel it when you want, the minimum is one month (monthly contract). You stop paying and the landline is automatically unsubscribed.

Can you change my virtual phone unilaterally?

No, once you have assigned your Virtual phone Number and as long as you pay every month what you have to pay for your numbering, you can keep it as long as you want, use it for your company or for whatever you need it. If you stop paying the numbering is automatically unsubscribed.