Virtual number

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is like a conventional landline number like your traditional company with the same type of numbering that you can grant them but at an affordable monthly price and with many additional functions of, for example, the telephone exchange that your traditional telephone company can not offer and if you need it traditionally you must buy a telephone exchange with the high costs involved.

Our Virtual phone system does not require any type of installation, landlines or machines. You do not even need to have an Internet connection or data. In addition to this, it has the advantage that it has no permanence, you can unsubscribe when you want it and without cost, you do not need to buy a home phone since the calls are received on your mobile phone (or calls fowarding to another landline system traditional). if you wish), you do not have to travel to the country in which you wish to register, for example, if you are in China, you can buy a virtual solution from UK (of any cities) in a few minutes online. it works or vice versa.

We have Virtual phone availability in more than 60 countries around the world. To interpret how you can use it, we have made a series of practical examples of use.

Virtual number

Virtual number vs landline number

Face to face is exactly the same as a virtual number than a traditional lineline number, the same cost (if any) and the same quality of communication. Traditionally, having a landline, has been associated with having to pay a monthly fee to the operator to use it. That with the services of virtual numbers of FijoVirtual and other services we offer comes to an end, with us there is no line fee to pay, we only have a maintenance cost monthly.

Without registrations and without permanence, these are the virtual numbers of FijoVirtual, numbers that allow you to have a phone number from any location and without having to pay for the service high

Having a landline is still necessary for many people and for the vast majority of companies, but having landlines no longer has to assume that they will have to pay high maintenance costs for all of them. Now you can buy as many virtual numbers as you want in FijoVirtual, calls fowarding that are received through the landline service in the mobile that we offer and be able to from a single place (a mobile phone or any other) receives all calls centrally.

As mentioned, the need to have one or more fixed lines persists and will persist, but what is no longer necessary is having to support the infrastructure with fixed costs imposed by the telephony operators traditional A new world in the field of telecommunications is emerging and FijoVirtual is a clear reference in this regard.

Utility of a virtual number

Having a virtual number in which receiving all calls can be useful, for example, in cases where we reside in a specific city and want to have a local number, but we do not have an address fixed, we do not want to install one in the direction we have, etc. In addition, if what matters is having several virtual numbers (one, for example, by province if we are a company) to be able to provide local service to all customers) with FijoVirtual can also be done.

Another of the great advantages of virtual numbers in general is that they offer great flexibility, they can be registered, they can be removed and multiple combinations can be generated. If you add that in FijoVirtual you can add services such as the virtual PBX or the virtual fax, among many others, we find a wide range of telecommunications services at your disposal and without having to pay nothing arranged for them.

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