Home phone in the mobile

The landline phone is already a reality, we provide you with a conventional virtual phone number of the city of the world you want (among which we have available) and the process is to register a virtual number of the city that you need it and we make the calls fowarding to your mobile number

How does the landline work on the mobile?

We give you a virtual number of the city of the world that you choose, you tell us what number of mobile you want to receive calls to that Virtual phone number and in a few minutes you will have it working. What is a virtual landline?


More information

Fijovirtual offers you a phone number from more than 60 countries to which your customers, relatives, friends and / or contacts in that country can call you at the national call price. You can associate your Fijovirtual number to your foreign phone, so they make a call to a local landline and you receive it in your foreign number. You can also associate it with a phone number in the same country that your virtual phone. The basic service can only fowarding calls in a single number. However, we also offer the possibility of using our Virtual PBX. This service allows you to receive calls on multiple phones as well as having many other advantages such as call recording, welcome messages, call notification by email and many more functions.


  • Phone monthly cost included
  • PBX not included
  • Calls fowardig not included
  • Without contracts
  • Pay by month
  • No call set-up
  • No set-up cost
  • You unsubscribe when you want without cost

How is the landline contract in the mobile?

It is very easy, no contract or permanence is required, you contract everything online! first select what number you want from more than 60 countries available from different provinces, then select if you want to calls fowarding to mobile number or get a virtual PBX , you sign up at Fijovirtual and buy a virtual phone number where you want call you Activation takes place in a few minutes.

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