Save on roaming when traveling abroad

Save on roaming when traveling abroad

Roaming is nothing other than that state in which a mobile voice or data line is found when we are in a foreign country. In other words, if when traveling outside our country we take our mobile phone, it will be roamed and the operator will charge us according to the international rates we have contracted.


Roaming can be a serious problem, because depending on which countries we travel its cost can be very high, even prohibitive in many cases. Actually, surfing the Internet, making a call or even receiving it, can ruin us in a very short time. For this there are solutions and our services of free virtual number or of diverting fixed to the mobile can be the best of the solutions.

It is true that in recent times from different governments and especially from supranational political powers such as European governance bodies are trying to roaming disappear, but it is not yet so and when it is a reality it will only be for within the European space, if you continue to travel outside of Europe a simple call can have a runaway cost.

Hiring a virtual number does not cost anything and can allow you to organize a structure in which you can get calls in the country of destination in which we are without having to pay the dreaded roaming rates.

There are alternatives to try to avoid roaming, but some of them also have prohibitive costs. On the contrary, hire a free virtual number in FijoVirtual in which to receive the calls that are received on our mobile phone while we are traveling and that are bouncing off a national phone of the country of destination in which we find ourselves is more than possible, and The entire service triangle has a very small cost.

Actually, with us you can enjoy a free virtual number and you can deviate fixed to the mobile. In addition, hiring this type of service and structuring it in this way every time we travel also allows our friends and family to keep contact with us at a lower cost also for them, as they will continue to call us on a landline or mobile local , and they will not have to pay international rates or know where we are if we do not want to.

How is it done? Suppose you are in Spain and you are going to travel to the United States (for example, although it is applicable to any country that we have coverage), the first thing you should do is hire a virtual fixed number from Spain (of any province, a 9XXXXXXX), before traveling, deviate your Spanish mobile phone to the contracted virtual fixed number (this is usually done with ** 21 * [virtual fixed number] #, check with your mobile operator, it is important to do it before traveling), a Once you are in the United States you buy an American sim and you enter your virtual fixed control panel and you deviate your virtual fixed to the new American mobile number. From that moment on, all calls made to the Spanish fixed number will be automatically diverted to your American mobile. This way, you do not pay roaming, you save on all your calls and the one who calls you will pay the same as calling a mobile phone and you will pay the minute at 0.045 € / minute (for the United States as of today), and your mobile operator Spanish will charge you € 0.07 / minute (depending on the rate you have and the type of contract). As you can see, the saving is evident. Contract your virtual landline from here.

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