Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX service in which multiple functions are offered to manage the calls you receive to your Virtual Phone

How does it work?

We give you a Virtual phone number of the city of the world that you choose (or several of the same city or of different cities) you tell us the configuration that you wish for the reception of those calls that you make to that / those number / s In a few minutes you will have it working.

How ca I buy?

It is very easy, no contract is required, you contract everything online! first you select what number you want from more than 60 countries available in different cities, then you select the virtual PBX option, you sign up in Fijovirtual and you buy a virtual phone number and the virtual PBX where you want to be called. Activation takes place in a few minutes.*
Start now!


More information

Fijovirtual offers you a Virtual phone number from more than 60 countries to which your customers, and / or contacts in that country can call you at the national call price.
Functions available in your virtual PBX:

  • Associate your Virtual phones numbers with different welcome messages.
  • Integral management of the PBX.
  • Make outgoing calls via smartphone app with call identifier of your virtual phone.
  • Welcome message and calls fowarding to internal type voice menu (press 1 for administration or press 2 for support, etc ...)
  • Calls fowarding of internal to different mobile or landline or all to one, as desired.
  • Voicemail.
  • Receive email with the audio of the messages that have been left in the voicemail.
  • Block calls from specific incoming phone numbers (blacklists).
  • Calls fowarding to landline or mobile or both at the same time or interleaving first that it sounds in one and if it does not attend to the 15 seconds it sounds in another one and if it is not attended it can be configured to go to a voicemail.
  • Possibility of coupling multiple numbers of national and international virtual landlines.
  • Hours of operation (time scenarios), example: after hours calls fowarding to voicemail.
  • Recording of incoming calls.
  • Notice of call by email.
  • Multi-conference
  • Queue and music waiting.
  • Possibility of buy a welcome message with a native speaker of the country that you are going to get the virtual phone
  • Routing of preferred calls. For example, I can configure the reception of a call from a specific incoming number, go directly to a detour to a specific mobile, but the rest go to another one.
  • Fax reception and send them to an email.


Tutorial of the PBX and how it is managed

We have at your disposal this tutorial of use of the virtual PBX or you can see some basic features through this video tutorial demonstrates the use of the virtual PBX and platform highlights the simplicity, ease of use and power of this platform.



  • Monthly cost of Virtual phone not included
  • Monthly cost of the control unit included
  • Cost of deviations not included
  • Save costs of calls and detours by using smartphone app
  • Without contracts
  • Month by month
  • No call set-up
  • No cost for setup service
  • You unsubscribe when you want without cost


Video tutorial