Top up balance and get a Virtual Phone Number

From this page you can get your virtual phone number..
For that, follow the simple steps that we propose below, after each step select continue

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Select where you need your Virtual phone

Write and select the country:
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bd:fr-Toulouse (5)(coste mensual:7,38€)(id:356)S, cart:
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Select virtual PBX and rate and / or payment method

We make the calls fowarding of your virtual number to the phone that you indicate us (home phone or mobile from any country in the world), this number you have to indicate it in the following page of user registration.
Additionally you can buy a virtual PBX. Follow this link if you want to know how it worksVirtual PBX
As for the payment method, the most convenient one is the annual one, but you can choose monthly or one of the two flat rates we have (only Spain, others consult).

  • NO
  • YES (aditional cost: 4€/month)
  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • Mensual: Tarifa Plana 200 (24€/mes)
  • Mensual: Tarifa Plana 400 (30€/mes*)

** Rates only available for reception of calls in Spain.

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Initial recharge of your balance

Select how much you want to topup initially, the minimum is € 10, keep in mind that if you buy a virtual PBX and pay monthly € 4 will be added every month. The balance that you buy will be charged to your virtual phone account and initially the first month of the cost of the virtual phone will be discounted in advance, and the remaining balance will be used for the calls fowarding.
With the + you are increasing € 10 additional recharge. Then press add to the cart to proceed with the initial payment

10,00 €

- +

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