Netherlands virtual number

The virtual number of Netherlands is in a normal telephone service (or telephone landline) in which is given a landline number of the city of Netherlands that you need it and the fowarding of the calls that you make to your virtual number of Netherlands get in your mobile number (cellphone) from Netherlands or the country where you are.

numero virtual Netherlands

How does a Netherlands virtual number work?

A virtual number or virtual landline number of Netherlands is nothing more than a conventional telephone number that can be obtained by contracting with your traditional company but with many advantages added among others: immediate online discharge, you do not need to sign anything, the calls you attend in your mobile or cell, you can have a virtual PBX, you can change the diversions to another phone at any time, etc ...

We give you a virtual number of Netherlands that you want from one of the cities available for Netherlands (depending on the city the city prefix can vary see table on this page), then tell us which mobile or landline number you want to receive the calls that you make to that Virtual number and in a few minutes you will have it working.

Examples of use

Imagine that you have a company and live for example in Madrid you can set up a virtual number in Alkmaar from Netherlands buying a FijoVirtual number and your customers from Alkmaar think that you have implementation in your country. All the calls that are made in that virtual Landline telephone of Alkmaar are fowarding automatically to the Landline one that you have in Madrid or to a Spanish mobile number that you indicate us. Callers pay as a local call.

You go on vacation or business trip for example to China, if you live in Almelo - Netherlands, you can hire a virtual number of Alkmaar and that you call from Netherlands will pay for a local call and thus avoid roaming, and you only pay the diversion to a cell phone or cell phone from China that is much cheaper than roaming.

You live in Netherlands and you are going to live abroad for example Spain, hire a virtual number of Almere - Netherlands and the calls that make you family and friends of your country will charge you as a local call.
There are infinite uses to see more examples in uses of a virtual number

More information

Fijovirtual offers you a Landline telephone number from Netherlands that your customers, family, friends and / or contacts in Netherlands can call you at the national call rate. You can associate your virtual number to your foreign or national telephone, so that they make a call to a Landline from Netherlands and you receive it in your foreign number or if you are in Netherlands you can also associate it with a telephone number from the same country as contract the virtual fijo. The basic service can only receive the call in a single number. However we also offer the possibility of using our Virtual PBX . This service allows you to receive calls on multiple phones in addition to having many other advantages such as call recording, welcome messages, email call alert and many more functions.


  • Monthly Landline rate included
  • Virtual PBX not included
  • Fowarding Cost not included [see]
  • No contracts
  • Without Permanences
  • No call setup
  • No cost of service charge
  • You drop it whenever you want without cost

How do you buy a virtual number of Netherlands?

It's very easy, you do not need to sign a contract or stay, you sign it all online! first you select that virtual number of Netherlands from the available ones of different provinces, then you select if you want to fowarding to a Landline number or to a mobile or to buy a virtual PBX, you register in Fijovirtual and buy a virtual number of where you want to be called . Activation takes place in a few minutes.

Buy Now! Online

Once you finish the online purchase you will be sent an email with the data of your virtual number and access to our online platform to manage the same. In our website you will be able to see and perform the following tasks: View your virtual number, view the history of incoming calls with detail of the same number (origin number, destination, minutes and seconds of communication and start date and time) subscribe to our platform of recurrent payment with Paypal so you can forget about its expiration and of being making the payment every month, you can configure the threshold of balance in which you want that we send you a warning email of low balance, you can change the destination of the reception of calls of your virtual number, you can manage your virtual PBX, etc.

Price of virtual number of Netherlands


paying annually

*we only accept payments in euros, currency conversion of the country for guidance and updated as of 09/26/2017. Please check the price of your local currency.

Netherlands virtual number

Cities of Netherlands available:



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We have been working for many years and if we continue it is for the success of our system that guarantees excellent sound quality.


We offer our customers the best offers on the market without cheating, if you win, we win.
virtual number offers
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  • Almelo Virtual Number
  • Almere Virtual Number
  • Alphen aan den Rijn Virtual Number
  • Amersfoort Virtual Number
  • Amsterdam Virtual Number
  • Apeldoorn Virtual Number
  • Arnhem Virtual Number
  • Assen Virtual Number
  • Barneveld Virtual Number
  • Bergen op Zoom Virtual Number
  • Breda Virtual Number
  • Dedemsvaart Virtual Number
  • Delft Virtual Number
  • Den Helder Virtual Number
  • Deventer Virtual Number
  • Doetinchem Virtual Number
  • Dordrecht Virtual Number
  • Drachten Virtual Number
  • Ede Virtual Number
  • Eindhoven Virtual Number
  • Emmen Virtual Number
  • Enkhuizen Virtual Number
  • Enschede Virtual Number
  • Gouda Virtual Number
  • Groningen Virtual Number
  • Haarlem Virtual Number
  • Hague Virtual Number
  • Heerlen Virtual Number
  • Helmond Virtual Number
  • Hengelo Virtual Number
  • Hoogeveen Virtual Number
  • Hoogovens Virtual Number
  • Hoorn Virtual Number
  • Leeuwarden Virtual Number
  • Leiden Virtual Number
  • Lelystad Virtual Number
  • Maastricht Virtual Number
  • Middelburg Virtual Number
  • Middenmeer Virtual Number
  • Naaldwijk Virtual Number
  • Nijmegen Virtual Number
  • Oosterhout Virtual Number
  • Oss Virtual Number
  • Purmerend Virtual Number
  • Roermond Virtual Number
  • Roosendaal Virtual Number
  • Rotterdam Virtual Number
  • S-Hertogenbosch Virtual Number
  • Sittard Virtual Number
  • Spijkenisse Virtual Number
  • Terneuzen Virtual Number
  • Tiel Virtual Number
  • Tilburg Virtual Number
  • Utrecht Virtual Number
  • Venlo Virtual Number
  • Weert Virtual Number
  • Woerden Virtual Number
  • Zaandam Virtual Number
  • Zoetermeer Virtual Number
  • Zwolle Virtual Number
  • Harderwijk Virtual Number
  • Coevorden Virtual Number
  • Goes Virtual Number
  • Ridderkerk Virtual Number
  • Heerenveen Virtual Number
  • Beverwijk Virtual Number
  • Hilversum Virtual Number
  • Emmeloord Virtual Number
  • Dronten Virtual Number
  • Maarssen Virtual Number
  • Venray Virtual Number
  • Waalwijk Virtual Number
  • Wageningen Virtual Number
  • Zutphen Virtual Number
  • Mobile Virtual Number

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